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    Sichuan province Yaoxie third party logistics pilot since the end of this month

    Release time:2016-09-26 10:06:49      Browsing times:71545

    After Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan province will also carry out third party logistics pilot medical equipment, the provincial food and Drug Administration issued the "opinions on the food and Drug Administration of Sichuan Province on promoting the development of third party logistics instruments" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the provisions from September 26th onwards, Sichuan province will officially launch equipment the third party logistics pilot, to further solve the medical device management enterprises, small, scattered, chaotic, to regulate the medical device circulation order.
    Chengdu, such as the first batch of 3 pilot
    According to the "opinions" requirements, the province's pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, inside and outside the province, pharmaceutical production enterprises, enterprises in the establishment of surgical trade integration only sales of the group's wholly owned drug wholesale enterprises, provincial drug production enterprises in the provinces to set up wholly-owned enterprises, the province's pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises of domestic distributor of imported drugs can be entrusted to the drug the third party logistics enterprises for drug storage and distribution. "Opinions" to encourage the strength of the third party logistics service and carry out drug pharmaceutical enterprises is the basis of modern logistics, logistics support with the conditions of enterprises through mergers and reorganization, Yaoxie wholesale, etc., to promote enterprise scale, intensive, standardization, informationization, intelligent development, led to the advantage of enterprises resources. To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. According to "Sichuan Province Drug logistics system acceptance standards", to become the drug of third party logistics enterprises must meet the requirements stipulated in Article 14, such as medicine refrigeration vehicles shall be equipped with a global positioning system (GPS); to configure the storage temperature and humidity monitoring system of temperature and humidity real-time monitoring of all drug storehouse and record.
    Compared to the voluntary reporting of drugs, medical equipment, the third party logistics is to take the examination and approval of the way to carry out. "Opinions" clear in Chengdu, Nanchong, Luzhou three city to carry out first, by first carry out improvement and determine acceptance criteria, the reasonable layout of the premise, in the province to carry out a comprehensive medical examination and approval of third party logistics. According to the "requirements" third party logistics basic medical technology, medical devices to become the third party logistics enterprises, enterprises should establish a central control room, with the temperature and humidity monitoring, temperature storage, refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator car temperature and humidity monitoring etc..
    Large medical equipment enterprises win the pilot initiative
    "The birth of the third party logistics, change not only change the circulation order, as well as the circulation pattern of the market, to facilitate the drug regulatory authorities, to participate in the machinery manufacturers, is considerably more profit." Sichuan Province Medical Association official said in an interview with this reporter, this system once started, will have a direct positive current, large advantage, the strength of the medicine circulation enterprises, will stimulate the production of a number of third party logistics enterprises.
    It is understood that the implementation of the third party logistics equipments before Sichuan province of Jiangsu, is expected to be the birth of a number of listed logistics companies. Such as Nanjing medical devices to extend the third party logistics company to become medical equipment in the third party logistics company approved, in the pharmaceutical logistics industry profit margins low background has achieved rapid development, has been officially listed on the new board application. "Resources will be more limited to the third party logistics enterprises, the third party logistics enterprises to do more, the small and medium-sized machinery manufacturers will accelerate the elimination." Insiders said that the introduction of the opinions will accelerate the Sichuan pharmaceutical logistics industry big reshuffle".


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